RT-Capital Limited Liability Company is a special-purpose vehicle of the State Corporation protecting its rights and lawful interests, by taking over control and consolidating the debt owed by the State Corporation’s organizations as part of measures for bankruptcy prevention, financial rehabilitation, and support of bankruptcy procedures in respect of the State Corporation’s organizations.

The purpose of the Company is to enable structured, deliberate, and coordinated activities to preserve the assets of the State Corporation’s organizations through consolidating and acquiring creditors’ claims in respect of the Corporation’s distressed assets.

Task — through joint efforts of enterprises with state ownership and private organizations to bring new breakthrough and innovative technology, to create new competitive products.

The objective

The objective is to consolidate the efforts of state-owned companies and private organizations to bring breakthrough and innovative technologies to the country and create new and competitive products.

The main functions of the Company are:

  • debt restructuring, which covers developing a restructuring plan and a plan for implementing investment projects to prepare a package of document for the financial rehabilitation of the State Corporation’s distressed assets;
  • acting as a borrower in the acquisition of assets and/or debt;
  • consolidating shareholdings, interest, assets, and accounts payable.


Deputy General Director of the State Corporation “Rostec”, Chairman of the Board of Directors of RT-Capital LLC

Kirill Valeryevich Fedorov

General Director

Aleksander Sergeyevich Ruban

Head of the corporate governance and property matters department of the State Corporation “Rostec”

Dmitry Evgenyevich Kuznetsov

Head of the security department of the State Corporation “Rostec”


Charter of LLC (Limited Liability Company) "RT-Capital"
INN (Taxpayer Identification Number)
OGRN (Primary State Registration Number)



Employment with RT-Capital is your chance to join a team of highly-skilled specialists, earn unique work experience in the country’s leading companies operating in the most advanced and progressive industries, and to feel the significance of your work. 

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